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March 7th, 2017


New RIFLE and PISTOL Schedule



Skeet, Trap, and Shotgun

Please use only the Trap Field (the furthest field from the gate) for all non-scheduled use.  This includes patterning, use of your own clay thrower, etc.  The Skeet Field (closest to the gate) will only be used on Sundays during regularly scheduled shoots under the direction of the Skeet Range (Shotgun) Chairs and Co-chairs.




Updated Newsletter on News, Updates, and Info Page

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Steven & Susan Dalzell from Tasmania, Australia

YCFGA Dalzell-Tasmania

The story behind this ‘honorary’ membership is: (once upon a time) Steven Dalzell had received some emails from Ray Dumas (by mistake) but peeked Steven’s interest in the club. Since they were in the area visiting (NY) they decided to detour to Maine and caught up with the club at the Acton Fair where they met Bob Young & Adam Truesdale at our Acton Fair booth Thursday. Bob invited them to our (25Aug) meeting. Upon being presented at the meeting and hearing their story, Jordan motioned & it was accepted to make them “honorary members” – which they have become.



Set Up and Tear Down

Russ Stull & Wayne Gibbs

 Booth Duty – *Two Time Slots

Tom Lamprey*

Adam Truesdale*

Bob Young

Paul Michaels*

Mike Lord

Mark Fohlin

Rebecca Michaels

Elizabeth Klein

Marc Gilbert*

Mike Doherty*

Ron Basile*

Toby Hogan

Rhonda Hogan

Deb Morton

Cheryl Moore*

Robert Merrill

Joe Levesque

Wayne Gibbs

 Great 4 days – Most Important Contribution to Maine – explanation of Question 3 to many.  Education is key! – Judy Gibbs

2016 President’s Cup – First Shoot

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fathers day shooting cropped

Such a great way to spend Father’s day.

Even better when it’s the daughters showing the dad’s how is done!





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YCFGA General Meeting – Thursday, February 25 2016
Photo -David Shawkat




January 31, 2015 50 Yard Falling Plate .22


Jan 3 bowling pin shoot pic 1



The By-Laws Committee was commissioned in 2015 by the Board of Directors to review and update the Club’s By-Laws.

The mission of this Committee was to suggest improvements to the current By-Laws while maintaining the integrity of the document.

The result: You can download the January 2016 By-Laws, with a brand new look for tried and true principles and statutes.

Use this LINK to go to the Members Page

(You’ll be asked to enter this year’s number exactly as

shown on your badge sticker ##-####) Please include the dash “





“We had a great turn out at our monthly meeting last night at York County Fish & Game. The pot luck supper was once again a huge success.  I personally want to thank all the members who made this a success.

Special thanks go to Commissioner Chandler Woodcock for being our guest speaker. Answering our questions and sharing stories.”  —  Jim Thyng


at the range edited


Great Photo, Guys !




The guys from tacticalmonkey.net joined us for the 100 yard bowling pin shoot and wrote a great blog post about their experience:  (click to go to their post)

tacticalmonkey 2


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Visit our Hunter Safety page for the latest information,

including our Women’s Only Course

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You can also find the dates on our calendar: http://ycfga.org/event-calendar


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18 January 2 gun edited

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Wild Wings Taxidermy

Visit Wild Wings Taxidermy web site.

YCFGA Members can now get a 10% discount at Wild Wings Taxidermy



New “Hunting Plan” form is available as a pdf download here:



If the form opens in your browser, mouse-over the form

to find the “Save” and “Print” icons in lower right.




Some great pictures from the range on 9-6-14. We had a lot of fun! Thanks for the pictures Toby.




New Skeet Event Photos

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View the latest video of a recent pistol event!


Thanks to Kris Heilman for the video.




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There are many fine clubs in our region and we’ll post their links here.


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