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Looking for you??

Our President Jordon is seeking out one of our current members!!!!

He is looking for the member who drives a 1938 Packard limo and or a Studebaker hawk. He is in possession of his and would like to have him call Jordon himself. Otherwise, reach out to us

via email along with your phone number and we will relay the information.


Thank you in advance!



See us at the Acton Fair – August 26-29, 2021.

We are looking for club members to step-up and fulfill the role of chairperson for two committees:  Fishing and Women’s Inclusion.  The past chairs have done a wonderful job, but they have other requirements of their time and energy and have stepped down.  Prior experience for committee chairpersons is not necessary!  Webmaster experience is desired but not required, specifically in using WordPress!  You’ll have loads of members from elected officer’s, other committee chairs, and other members who will give you guidance and help.

If you’re interested, come to any of our board meetings held on the Second Monday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Clubhouse  on the range, or contact  any of the officers of committee chairpersons for more info or questions.