Brass Cartridge


? ? ? Anyone interested in weekly YCFGA Benchrest Matches ? ? ?Any firearm chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridge may be used. (T/C Contender/Charger pistols allowed) There are no weight limits, no classes, and no dimensional restrictions to barrels, stocks, or limits on scope magnification.  One-Piece or two-piece rests are allowable of any material. Rifle cannot be attached to the rest.  Rest may not be attached to the bench.

Target is the USBR “Green Monster” – 25 Bulls, 1 shot per Bull.Scored using an NRA .22 caliber plug gauge w/magnifier Five minute practice period – Twenty minutes to shoot target. Fee – $2.00 (to cover the cost of targets) Matches to be held on Wednesdays, beginning May 2nd, with shooting starting at 5:00 PM

For more information contact Phil Aldus at: 

or Ray Dumas at:




Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs:

Toby Hogan


Tom Southwick




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