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YCFGA 2nd Annual Kids’ Ice Fishing Derby.


Member/volunteer help is needed and always appreciated.
Sunday, JANUARY 7th:  Marc Gilbert, YCFGA Fishing Committee Chairman, will be holding a kids (15 and under) ice fishing seminar on Sunday January 7 at 10:30 am. Parents are urged to bring there children and learn some of finer points of: rigging traps, drilling holes, and jigging for brook trout. We will be meeting at the lodge and follow up with practical demonstrations on the pond. 

Sunday, JANUARY 21:  at 10:00 AM in the Lodge, Marc Gilbert, YCFGA Fishing Committee Chairman, will be holding a Fishing Derby organizational meeting for volunteers. Topics such as number of ice traps and jigging poles needed will be discussed. Other needs such as signage, parking, games, weigh in table, bait and logistics , will be discussed. This is a fun event made possible by the great YCFGA volunteers who show up and enjoy the day by teaching, organizing, and generally have a good time. Come and partake in our 2nd annual free kids fishing derby. 

Friday, JANUARY 26:  Marc will be at the lodge on Friday the 26th, from 1PM to dusk making preparations for the second annual YCF&G Free Kids Fishing Derby. Anyone/everyone wishing to lend a hand is welcome.  

Saturday, JANUARY 27:  The 2nd Annual YCFGA Free Kids Ice Fishing Derby (aged under 16) will take place from 7:30-11:30AM. Volunteers should arrive at the lodge in the 5:30AM range to help with final preparations. Hugh and Kate Spiers, will be on hand cooking and adding delectable food for all to enjoy – free for the kids, adults pay regular prices.
It’s our YCFGA volunteers who make this happen; and it’s the volunteers and participants that end up having a grand old time. So let’s blow off the winter cobwebs and have a grand old good time. A special thank you goes out from the Fishing Committee Chairman to all the volunteers that made this such a memorable event last year.
For more information on any of these items contact Marc Gilbert at 207-423-5177 or gilbertphvac@gmail.com

Committee Chair:  Marc Gilbert

Round Pond

Our pond is a state stocked pond which is primarily used for kid’s fishing.  Adults with fishing licenses (16 and older) are allowed to fish during the season but tackle only.  No bait, including worms are allowed.

Ice Fishing:

No adult ice fishing is allowed but kids are allowed two traps maximum.

For all fishing rules, please consult Maine’s fishing laws.  Maine’s laws supersede any interpretation by York County Fish and Game.

The public is not only welcome but encouraged to make use of the pond.  Parking is permitted near the access gate and the lower parking lot.

Please remember to stay safe while using the pond and to also be courteous to others using our grounds.  Also, please leave as little “footprint” as possible by carrying out whatever you take in, especially tackle and litter.

Our little pond is a natural beauty.  Please help us keep it that way!

A recently launched a web site where visitors can discover the average number of trout or salmon released annually “per acre” of water in the 750 or so ponds and lakes stocked throughout the state of Maine.

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