YCFGA 2nd Annual Kids’ Ice Fishing Derby.

I want to give everyone a warm thank you and congratulate all the volunteers that made the 2nd Annual York County Fish and Game Kids Fishing Derby a true success!  Fifty-four(54) brook trout and thirty(30) sun fish were caught.  What a day!!!!  It was heart warming to see children running across the ice with brook trout in hand trying to make it to the measuring station with out dropping the fish.  Sometimes it would take two or three pickups to finally get to the station, as I witnessed with one participant as the fourteen and half inch trout kept wriggling out of his hands and he tried to reach the measuring station…

What a ball the kids had. Thank you…….Thank you……Thank you!


Committee Chair:  Marc Gilbert

Round Pond

Our pond is a state stocked pond which is primarily used for kid’s fishing.  Adults with fishing licenses (16 and older) are allowed to fish during the season but tackle only.  No bait, including worms are allowed.

Ice Fishing:

No adult ice fishing is allowed but kids are allowed two traps maximum.

For all fishing rules, please consult Maine’s fishing laws.  Maine’s laws supersede any interpretation by York County Fish and Game.

The public is not only welcome but encouraged to make use of the pond.  Parking is permitted near the access gate and the lower parking lot.

Please remember to stay safe while using the pond and to also be courteous to others using our grounds.  Also, please leave as little “footprint” as possible by carrying out whatever you take in, especially tackle and litter.

Our little pond is a natural beauty.  Please help us keep it that way!
A recently launched a web site where visitors can discover the average number of trout or salmon released annually “per acre” of water in the 750 or so ponds and lakes stocked throughout the state of Maine.

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