Firearms Hunter Safety Course

Upcoming Firearm Hunter Safety Courses:


Home Study CourseMust attend both days:

Courses for 2019 will be announced when available.

Online Course – Meets one day – Online portion done prior.

Courses for 2019 will be announced when available.

To sign up for these courses, you must get in touch with Brian Pelletier at either his phone:
(207) 632-5218
or his email:

!!!!FOR ONLINE COURSES!!!! – You MUST bring a COMPLETED SURVIVAL KIT to class. Failure to do so will cause you to fail the course. ALSO – You MUST bring proof that YOU COMPLETED the Online portion of the course. A printed certificate would be perfect. A digital certificate on your Smartphone will also work.

You may click HERE to be redirected to the online portion of the course, or on the same IF&W page where you found this course.

Click HERE to view the list of what is required to be in your Survival Kit. Please bring one kit per person. You are allowed to have only one kit per family, but think what would happen if one of you gets separated and lost, and they don’t happen to have the kit. ALSO, please bring it in a WATERPROOF CONTAINER that you are likely to carry. A Hannaford Bag won’t cut it. Either it is something that you can comfortable carry in your pocket(s), or something you can wear that doesn’t get in the way.

The cost of the course is $5.00 each.

Please dress for the weather as some training will be done outside.

There is a sandwich place nearby. You may also bring your own lunch (Preferable for time’s sake). We have a refrigerator and a microwave available.

For further questions, please direct an email to the following address:



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