Hunting Info

Welcome to the YCFGA 2018-2019 Hunting Information Page!

Here you’ll find links covering the WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN of Hunting in Maine.
REMEMBER – ALWAYS refer to the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Regulations!
Use this page as a guide to get you started and for planning.



Chart showing Hunting Season Dates and Bag Limits for most Mammals and Birds  in 2018-2019:
Chart showing actual Legal Hunting hours in Maine for 2018-2019. The half hour before and after has already been added:
Map showing Wildlife Managements Districts (WMDs) in our area:



Trapping Laws and Rules for 2018-2019:



Migratory Game Bird Quick Reference Guide for 2018– 2019:
Map Showing Waterfowl Zones:
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