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GREETINGS YCFGA Members – Here is our latest news…

Change in YCFGA secretary – Bob Young recently resigned as club secretary as he has moved to NH. We want to thank Bob for all his work and for a job “well done”, you will be missed and always welcome back, any time! As a result of Bob’s departure we “welcome” Katherine Stover as our new interim secretary. Katherine expressed her willingness (with a tinge of reluctance) to serve as YCFGA secretary and was voted in at our August general meeting and subsequently approved at the September board of directors meeting. Thank You Bob & Congratulations Katherine!

Acton Fair– Another Success! Many, many thanks to all who worked to make our 3rd exhibition at the Acton Fair making it a GREAT success. Those helping were:

Russ Stull, Tom Lamprey, Mike Lord, Mark Fohlin, Bob Young, Phil Guimond, Joe Curesky, Don Morin, Andrew Thomen, Becky Thomen, Marc Gilbert, Paul Michaels, Toby Hogan, Ron Hood, Brian Nichols, Laura Cashell, Ron Basile, Mike Doherty, Deb Morton, Bob Emmons, Chris Johnson, Adam Truesdale, Katherine Stover, Alan Gibney, and especially Judy & Wayne Gibbs!

We’ll be returning for the 2018 Acton Fair, so there will be more opportunity for these and other members to help.

President’s Cup Shoot:  All YCFGA members who intend to participate in this weekend’s (September 16-17) President’s Cup Shoot are reminded it will be held at the Buxton Hollis Rod and Gun Club, located at 81 Plains Rd, Hollis, ME 04042.  Shoot Straight and Good Luck!

NEW Stickney Lodge LED lighting!Come see the NEW “brilliant” lodge lighting. Thanks to the Building & Grounds committee, especially Jim Thyng, for procuring new LED lighting (via an Efficiency Maine lighting program) and getting them installed in the lodge. With the new LEDs, not only did we save on the fixtures purchase but we’ll also be saving on ongoing electricity and bulb replacement costs for our former/ancient 8ft fluorescent light bulbs… another step in bringing our beloved and historic lodge into the 21st century.

BASIC PISTOL CLASS (Open to the public) – A “Basic Pistol Class” will be offered on October 3, 4, 5 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) from 5-9pm at the Stickney lodge with live fire range work Saturday October 7 from 9am-Noon. Price is $60 per person for YCFGA members, $80 for non-members. Information and details can be viewed via:  https://basicpistol.nra.org   Successful completion of classroom & live fire range work are needed for those intending to become state certified for concealed carry. Contact Mike Doherty at dohertymj64@yahoo.com or (207)205-3154 with questions or for more information.

Firearms Hunter Safety Class – Two(2) Hunter Safety Courses will be offered at YCFGA in October. Below is the information published on the Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife website: http://www.maine.gov/ifw/education/safety/firearm.htm  If interested or have questions follow the registration instructions below or contact Brian Pelletier.

Location Contact Date/Time
Lyman – York County Fish & Game This is an online course. Brian Pelletier (207) 632-5218 or register by email October 14, 2017 8am-4pm
Lyman – York County Fish & Game This is a homestudy course.  Brian Pelletier (207) 632-5218 or register by email October 20, 2017 6-9pm  and October 28, 2017 8am -5pm

SAVE THE DATE – Our Next Pot Luck Dinner will be held Thursday October 26 at Stickney Lodge at part of our October general Meeting. Start time for the Dinner is 6:00pm, so come early with your family and friends. We need and ask for your generous meal offerings so this continues in our Potluck tradition as another notable “outstanding social event”!   Proteins/meats, Appetizers, Salads, Desserts, Pastas, Additional entrée-type dishes, Soft Drinks, and any other favorite dish of yours is welcome.        DON”T MISS IT – SEE YOU THERE!!

2018 YCFGA Officer Elections – It’s that time of the year to start thinking about election of club officers at our annual meeting on January 25, 2018. Officer positions up for election are: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and sergeant at arms.  Mike Doherty, our current president, has stated he will not be seeking re-election and will not accept if nominated. After four terms Mike has requested a rest, and we can’t blame him. Thanks Mike for all you do! All members are strongly encouraged to consider becoming a club officer, position descriptions and responsibilities are published in our by-laws, take a look: http://ycfga.org/bylaws

Skeet, Trap, and Shotgun:  Weekly shoots continue on Sunday’s beginning at “high” Noon. SKEET FIELD #2 (closest to the pistol range and road) continues to be CLOSED for general use until further notice. Please use only the Trap Field (the furthest field from the gate) for all non-scheduled use. This includes patterning, use of your own clay thrower, etc.  The Skeet Field (closest to the gate) will only be used on Sundays during regularly scheduled shoots under the direction of the Skeet Range (Shotgun) Chairs and Co-chairs.

Brass Cartridge – Pistol & Rifle: Weekly shoots continue year round, check out our website or Facebook page for details. Participant fee is $5 per shooter. The latest schedule is below.


2018 MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL INFORMATION:  Where has the time gone, membership renewal season is already upon us beginning October 1. As stated throughout all last year via our newsletters and meetings, membership renewal forms will not be mailed out as they ARE AVAILABLE on our website: http://ycfga.org/membership and in the lodge and President’s Club buildings For your convenience, the 2018 Renewal from is included within this note.

To obtain the renewal form from our website, similar to prior years, your ‘full’ 2017 YCFGA gate pass-code (i.e. YY-XXXX (check your badge sticker)) is the password and will be needed to access the online form, which can then be downloaded, printed, completed and mailed, or hand delivered to Dan Strycharz (membership chairman) at any of the monthly general meetings. Acceptable payment can be made via cash, check, and money order (made out to: YCFGA).  Upon renewal, you will be sent your 2018 sticker with new lock combination to affix to your ID badge – it will come in a small envelope with a return address from YCFGA, generally a couple weeks after receiving your renewal form. All renewing members are requested to return a completed renewal form, purpose being to ensure our records are accurate with: name, address, phone, and especially email address.  

Mail completed renewal forms to:

York County Fish & Game Association


600 Goodwins Mills Rd

Lyman, ME 04002

PLEASE NOTEPer YCFGA By-Laws, dues are payable on or before January 1. For 2018 we will allow a “limited grace period” without penalty if payments are received prior to January 30, 2018. Gate pass-codes will be changed effective February 1 – you’ll need your new pass-code sticker to enter the ranges – so renew early! Memberships become ‘delinquent’ if received after January 31. A delinquent account means your membership is forfeited starting February 1 of the current year as long as fees remain unpaid. For renewal submissions/payment made after January 31 (February 1 through June 30), a $25.00 reinstatement fee will be assessed in addition to the applicable renewal dues to reinstate membership (i.e. Adult membership = $100 + $25 Reinstatement fee = $125).   For renewal submissions/payment made after June 30 (July 1 through December 30), the reinstatement fee is $50.00 plus applicable membership renewal fees. Any member delinquent for the year (January 1 to December 31) will need to reapply as a new members which includes assessment of the initiation fee and membership vote. Questions can be directed to Dan Strycharz (dstrycharz@roadrunner.com). 

For more activity details always check our YCFGA Website:

www.ycfga.org   or our Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/ycfga

Take Care, Safety First & Always!  SEE YOU SOON!       


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