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To all YCFGA members:

I would like start with a “Thank You” to former President Jordan Wessels. He took over as president during a tumultuous time in our club and helped work through the issues causing us concern.



My intent moving forward will be that we will not start any new projects on our property until we complete those that we have started. Any projects we start will make safety a priority. We have a long list of projects that we intend on completing over the next couple of years; to complete these projects we will need volunteers. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated Board of Trustees and Committee Chairs but they cannot do everything. If we are to keep our membership fees at current levels we must be willing to volunteer or we have to hire contractors for these projects and, as we are well aware, that cost big money.



We have recently had a couple of members become NRA certified Chief Range Officers and they will be working with our committee chairs to make sure we are always moving in a safe direction. We have also had three members recently certified as NRA Basic Pistol Instructors. Jim Thyng has offered these classes in the past and has been very successful. Our intent will be to offer more of these classes but not put more work on Jim. Lastly we have 5 new Maine Firearms Hunter Safety Instructors that will be working to offer at least 2 classes a year.


On a personal note I would like to thank, in advance, the General Membership, the Committee Chairs and Board of Trustees for the work they will be doing and for the assistance I am sure you will provide me in the coming year.


Thank you

Mike Doherty





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