Time to Renew your Membership for 2022

TIME TO RENEW FOR YOUR 2021 MEMBERSHIP!!!  Membership renewal season is officially underway. Don’t delay in renewing your membership!

Membership renewal forms ARE AVAILABLE on our website: www.ycfga.org/membership  and in the Lodge, Pistol, Rifle Ranges and Clubhouse Building.

To obtain the renewal form from our website, similar to prior years, your ‘full’ 2021 YCFGA gate pass-code (i.e. 21-XXXX (check your badge sticker)) is the password and will be needed to access the online form, which can then be downloaded, printed, completed and mailed, or hand delivered to Bill Mroz (Membership Chairman) at any of the monthly general meetings. All renewing members including military are requested to return a completed renewal form, purpose being to ensure our records are accurate with: name, address, phone, and especially email address.

****** Lifetime Members are Excluded from filling out a Renewal Form unless you have changes. If you have contact information changes, please submit an updated renewal form.