Membership News


Beginning October 1, 2023 – Membership renewal forms ARE AVAILABLE on our website: in the Lodge and Clubhouse Building.

To obtain the renewal form from our website, similar to prior years, your ‘full’ 2023 YCFGA gate pass-code (i.e. 23-#### (check your badge sticker)) is the password and will be needed to access the online form, which can then be downloaded, printed, completed and mailed, or hand delivered to Bill Mroz (Membership Chairman) at any of the monthly general meetings. If you have no changes to your profile simply print your name then state NO CHANGES on the Renewal Form. All renewing members including military are requested to return a completed renewal form. Please note that Military Active and Disabled are required to include a fee for membership. 

****** Lifetime Members are Excluded from filling out a Renewal Form unless you have changes.  

Acceptable payment can be made via: cash, check, and money order (made out to: YCFGA). Upon renewal, you will be sent your 2024 sticker with a new lock combination to immediately affix to your Badge/ID. It will arrive in a small white envelope with a return address from YCFGA, generally a couple weeks after receiving your renewal form.

Additionally, we are pleased to continue offering an electronic payment option via VENMO! For VENMO users, look for York County Fish & Game Assn in the Business section of Venmo and follow regular payment steps to send your renewal payment to YCFGA. 

NOTE: For those using VENMO, you will still need to complete and send in a completed renewal form.

Mail completed renewal forms to:

  York County Fish & Game Association


  600 Goodwins Mills Rd

  Lyman, ME 04002

PLEASE NOTE:  Per YCFGA By-Laws, dues are payable on or before January 1st. A “limited grace period” without penalty is being offered if payments are received prior to January 31, 2024Gate pass-codes will be changed effective February 1,2024 you’ll need your new pass-code sticker to enter the ranges so RENEW SOON! Memberships become ‘delinquent’ if received after January 31. A delinquent account means your membership is forfeited starting February 1 of the current year as long as fees remain unpaid. For renewal submissions/payment made after January 31 (February 1 through June 30), a $25.00 reinstatement fee will be assessed in addition to the applicable renewal dues to reinstate membership (i.e. Adult membership = $100 + $25 Reinstatement fee = $125).   For renewal submissions/payment made after June 30 (July 1 through December 30), the reinstatement fee is $50.00 plus applicable membership renewal fees. Any member delinquent for the year (January 1 to December 31) will need to reapply as a new member which includes assessment of the initiation fee and membership vote. 

Questions can be directed to Bill Mroz ( 

Pictures of our Newest YCFG Members are posted on our Facebook page. If you should run into any New Member please take the time to say hi and introduce yourself.

 Membership Dues Increased in 2023

Just like everything else these days, costs have risen to the point where the club had no alternative but to raise dues during the 2023 season for New and Renewal Memberships. Our taxes, both Federal and State, utilities, insurances for the property and liability have contributed to the increase in dues.  There were no easy solutions to this situation, so your continued understanding and support for the club is appreciated by the Elected Officers and Board of Directors of York County Fish and Game Association.  New Member and Renewal membership dues have marginally increased to offset our costs.  We have also added a modest fee for military personnel.  In addition, the age for senior memberships has increased from 62 to 65 – pending change to our By-Laws requiring approval by club members.  

Membership Renewal Types & Fees

Membership Type Eligibility Total Fee
ADULT 18-64 years of age $200.00
FAMILY includes spouse/significant other & children < 18 $250.00
SENIOR 65 years or older $150.00
JUNIOR less than 18 $75.00
MILITARY – Active Current copy of military I.D. required $75.00
MILITARY – Combat Disabled Veteran DD214 & VA Documentation required $75.00
LIFE MEMBERSHIP ADULT 18-64 years of age $1,700.00
LIFE MEMBERSHIP SENIOR 65 years and older $525.00
SUPER SENIOR 80 years and older FREE