February 2024 Newsletter

Special Notices

March Pot Luck Dinner

The Club is planning a Pot Luck Dinner to be held on March 28, 2024 starting at 6:00pm at the Lodge – just prior to the March General Meeting that will begin at 7:00.  Please plan to attend and bring your favorite salad, casserole, or dessert.  In addition to the Pot Luck, we will also be raffling off several items.  We also plan to have a brain storming session to get ideas from our members on how to incorporate new ideas to offer new or revive old activities that appeal to a broader cross-section of membership.

Annual Kids’ Fishing Derby

Due to unsafe ice conditions, the Board of Directors has decided to cancel the 2024 Annual Kids’ Fishing Derby on Round Pond.  We do thank all members who assisted in the preparation of this annual event even though we sadly had to make the difficult decision to cancel the event.

January Annual Meeting

The Board of Directors would like to thank all the members who attended the January Annual Meeting and voted in our Officers for 2024.

                President                        Jordan Wessels

                Vice President                Walter Sullivan

                Treasurer                        OPEN*

                Secretary                        Beth Matthews Peterson

                Sargent-at-Arms            Judy Gibbs

The Office of Treasurer is currently an OPEN position due to no candidates coming forward at the January Annual Elections.  Daniel Strycharz has graciously offered to handle the Club’s finances until a Treasurer has been selected by the Board of Directors.

Anyone interested in joining the Club’s Executive Board of Directors as the Club’s Treasurer should contact any of the members of the Executive Board Members (listed above) or speak to Dan via email (dstrycharz@roadrunner.com) for more details about the responsibilities of this position.

We thank Dan for all that he has done as Treasurer.  If you like finances and want to contribute your time as Treasurer to the Club, please consider applying for this one-year position.

Membership Renewal 

PLEASE NOTE: Per YCFGA By-Laws, the grace period for paying the 2024 membership renewal dues ended on January 1st.  Gate pass-codes changed effective January 28, 2024, so you’ll need your new pass-code sticker to enter the ranges so RENEW TODAY!  Anyone renewing their membership after February 1, 2024 must include the Reinstatement Fee with their form.

If you wish to continue to be a member of our Club, forms are available on our website: https://ycfga.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/2023-YCFGA-Membership-Renewal-Form.pdf  and in the Lodge, Pistol, Rifle Ranges and Clubhouse Building.   See the “Become a Member” section for additional information.


Stickney Lodge Stone Chimney Removal

Although the Board has received one quote for the Lodge fireplace and chimney removal (which is on disrepair), we still may need volunteers to assist parts of the project. Please contact Jordan Wessels at jhwframing@roadrunner.com.  It is very important that we complete this project soon.  The more volunteers we have, the quicker the project can be completed.

Other Notices

The Club and All Ranges, except the Muzzle Loader Range are Open.  See individual sections for more information.

It is required that members accessing Club property (range and Lodge sides) must display a valid membership ID badge.

The Club House Kitchen is open every Sunday from 11:00am to 1:30pm whenever the ranges are open.  Since there are no scheduled Brass Cartridge shoots for January and February, the Kitchen will be closed during these months; however when shoots resume on March 3, the Kitchen will be open.

 Building & Grounds

We are still looking for some help with a few projects around the range.

We are still looking for quotes to remove our big stone fireplace which is in disrepair.  This includes infilling and repairing the roof and the wall.  Anyone who may know of someone willing to give us a quote, please contact Jordan Wessels at jhwframing@roadrunner.com.

We need volunteers to help clean the old skeet machine for resale.  Please Jordan Wessels at jhwframing@roadrunner.com.

As always we will continue to let members and the public to use our Lodge side property, but with this comes a responsibility to take care of our grounds and use some common sense.

Special Notice

There have been several incidences when the gate for the Range has been closed and locked when someone was still on the Range premises.  The rules concerning entry and exit of the Range and Lodge grounds are as listed below.

Note that the ranges are monitored 24/7. 

  • Entry / Exit – Club Grounds

o   The numbers on all the locks must be set to numbers other than the combination upon opening the lock.

o   The main entry gate to the Club – ranges and lodge –  shall remain unlocked and opened while the grounds are occupied.

o   The gates must be restrained and secured while open.

o   All gates must be closed and locked upon exiting the property by the last member to leave the property.

Anyone who may need special accommodations when attending an organized shoot at the Range, the Club members running the shoot will do what is reasonably needed to provide safe modifications to ensure each member has the opportunity to participate.

Dogs on the range side of our property must be leashed at all times.

Our cameras are up and running 24/7.and have already proven to be very informative. Several incidences caught on camera have been addressed.

Another issue we are dealing with is folks stuffing cardboard backers in the trash barrels. There are wire mesh containers in both ranges for the used backers.  Also, the trash barrels don’t empty themselves, so when you see one getting full, please find others to help dump the debris in these containers into the dumpster.

Last of all, if you see anything that gives you concern for your safety or the club’s safety, please give me (Jordan) a shout or a text.

Muzzle Loader Range

The Muzzle Loader Range will be closed until further notice. 

Brass Cartridge

Note that there are no shoots scheduled for January of February.  Shoots will resume on March 3, 2024

Brass cartridge shoots are scheduled for every Sunday starting at 12:00 noon. Sunday events consist of Pistol, Plate, Rifle, or Bowling Pin shoots.  See website for alternating schedule. There is a $4.00 fee for members and a $6.00 fee for non-members.

Our 25 Yard Range and 100 Yard range have target backers that are range specific, and there are posted rules for each. The use of wooden stands is prohibited on the 25 yard / Pistol range.  Pistol Range 20”x 20” backers are hung from the overhead cables on the provided lumber.

On the Rifle /100 yard range, use only club provided target stands with 24”x24” backers. Targets should be placed no closer than 50 yards from the bench.

Do NOT place any targets on the range floor or on the frame of the gong.

Stay OFF the Berms.

Date Day Event Range
Jan 2024 SUNDAY No Shoots
Feb 2024 SUNDAY No Shoots RIFLE
Mar 2024 SUNDAY Shoots resume on March 3 RIFLE


Trap / Skeet

Trap shoots are scheduled for every Sunday starting at 12:00 noon. Skeet shoots are scheduled for every Sunday starting at 1:00pm.  Both shoots will occur providing there are personnel to run the event and members that want to participate and weather permitting. Size 9 target loads for Skeet and 7.5-9 for Trap. There is a $4.00 fee for members and a $6.00 fee for non-members.  If we have 5 shooters for Trap, we place a white bird in the machine, and if you shoot the white bird on your turn, you win a coin for a free round or lunch.

Wednesday Skeet shoots will resume on April 1, 2024 starting at 3:00pm


Indoor Archery shoots at the Lodge are scheduled for the first Tuesday evening of the month from 6:30-8:00pm. There is a $4.00 fee for members and a $6.00 fee for non-members.

The Club has an opportunity to get a grant to upgrade our Archery range and grounds (around Round Pond) to be handicap accessible.  Rick Rousseau has volunteered to assist writing the grant.   Anyone interested in assisting Rick should contact Rick or Jordan.

Although we have an Archery Chairperson – Rick Rousseau, we still need a co-chair for Archery.   Anyone interested in being an Archery co-chair or the upcoming Archery events can contact Rick at stealthcat1024@gmail.com.  Note that chairs and co-chairs that attend at least 50% of general and board of directors meetings get free membership for the following year.


As reported in last month’s, Dan Bastarache has volunteered to be the chair of our Fishing Committee.  Roger Bastarache has been named the co-chair for this Committee.

Dan would like to form a well-staffed committee and is asking for anyone interested to contact him at dpbastarache@gmail.com or Roger Bastarache at rub-gkp@breezeline.net.

Indoor Shooting Events

See the Archery Section for information on Indoor archery shooting events.

Anyone interested in participating in Thursday evening air rifle shoots at the Lodge, please contact Jordan Wessels.



Since there are no Brass Cartridge shoots for all of January and February, the Kitchen will also be closed.  However, the Kitchen will reopen on March 3, 2024 when Brass Cartridge shoots resume.

Although we have an Entertainment Committee Chairperson – Michael Gibney, we still need a co-chair for the Entertainment Committee.  Note that chairs and co-chairs that attend at least 50% of general and board of directors meetings get free membership for the following year.

Thank you to all who have volunteered to help in the kitchen on Sundays on a rotating basis.  We are in need of additional volunteers.  This volunteer work requires about 3 hours per shift.  Michael has put together a revolving schedule for the current volunteers.

Special Notice: In order to keep the kitchen open for every Sunday shoot, more volunteers are needed. 

The kitchen offers a limited menu of burgers, hot dogs, egg & cheese on an English muffin plus coffee, tea or soda.

Lodge / Rental

There were two rental events in January.  In addition, there was two overnight scouting events: one in January and one in February.  There are no other events scheduled at this time.


PLEASE NOTE: Per YCFGA By-Laws, dues are payable on or before January 1st. A “limited grace period” without penalty was offered if payments are received prior to January 31, 2024Gate pass-codes were changed effective January 28, 2024, and you will need your new pass-code sticker to enter the ranges. 

Membership renewal forms are available on our website: https://ycfga.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/2023-YCFGA-Membership-Renewal-Form.pdf and in the Lodge, Pistol, Rifle Ranges and Clubhouse Building.  Completed Renewal Forms can be mailed or hand delivered to Bill Mroz (Membership Chairman) at any of the monthly general meetings.

All renewing members are requested to return a completed renewal form, purpose being to ensure our records are accurate with: name, address, phone, and especially email address.

****** Lifetime Members are excluded from filling out a Renewal Form unless you have changes.
Acceptable payment can be made via cash, check, and money order (made out to: YCFGA). Upon renewal, you will be sent your 2024 sticker with a new lock combination to immediately affix to your Badge/ID. It will arrive in a small white envelope with a return address from YCFGA, generally a couple weeks after receiving your renewal form.

Additionally, this year we are pleased to continue offering an electronic payment option via VENMO! For VENMO users, look for “York County Fish & Game Assn” in the Business section of Venmo and follow regular payment steps to send your renewal payment to YCFGA.
NOTE: For those using VENMO, you will still need to complete and send in a completed renewal form.

Mail completed renewal forms to:
York County Fish & Game Association ATTN: RENEWAL
600 Goodwins Mills Rd
Lyman, ME 04002

  *** If you have already submitted your renewal, “Thank you”!


Questions can be directed to Membership Chairman Bill Mroz (zormb42@gmail.com).

Next New Member Orientation Classes are schedule for March 10, 2024 at 10:00am in the Club House.

Pictures of our Newest YCFG Members are posted on our Facebook page. If you should run into any New Member please take the time to say hi and introduce yourself.

2024 Acton Fair

The 2024 Acton Fair is scheduled to run from Thursday, August 22 through Sunday, August 25.  We have chosen and purchased the 2024’s raffle item – a Rossi R-95 Caliber 30/30 Rifle with Case & Accessories.  The raffle tickets will be available at our March 28 Pot Luck Supper.

As in past years, Judy Gibbs will be asking for volunteers to man our Fair Booth (3 hour increments).  Anyone wishing to volunteer may contact Judy Gibbs at gibbsj@metrocast.net.  A sign-up sheet will be available at the Pot Luck Supper for anyone wishing to volunteer.

Upcoming Meetings

Next General Meeting: February 29, 2024 starting at 7:00pm at Stickney Lodge.

Next Board of Directors Meeting: March11, 2024 at 6:30pm at the Club House

Up-coming New Member Orientation: March 10, 2024 at 10:00am at the Club House

March Pot Luck and General Meeting: March 28, 2024 starting at 6:00pm.

-Your humble servants,

The YCFGA Board of Directors