Skeet, Trap, and Shotgun

Please use only the Trap Field (the furthest field from the gate) for all non-scheduled use.  This includes patterning, use of your own clay thrower, etc.  The Skeet Field (closest to the gate) will only be used on Sundays during regularly scheduled shoots under the direction of the Skeet Range (Shotgun) Chairs and Co-chairs.


Welcome to the Trap section of York County Fish and Game

We shoot Sundays starting at 12 pm.
Please check calendar for further scheduling information.
The cost is $4 dollars for members and $6 for non members.
The guns most participants are using are 12 guage or 20 guage shotguns.
The ammo is limited to size 7.5, 8, 9 shot.
The trap game is fairly simple. You say pull, the target gets released and you shoot the target before it hits the ground.
There are 25 targets to shoot in a round. And up to 5 people can shoot per round. You shoot 5 times from 5 different postions. The person that shoots the most targets is the winner of the round.
Please be safe and come to the range to try or watch.



This section of our site should contain documents or links to documents that will provide basic information for any of you who might be interested in Trap.  If anyone has questions after reviewing this information, you’ll find their email addresses listed below.  You might also consider posting on the YCFGA Facebook page since there may be others also looking for the same information.  Just go to:

The Clay Target – Remington Trap tips

ATATrap layout plan

Combo Field Layout

Trap Score Sheet

Trap Machine photo

self loading trap machine

The next document is a scan of the actual manual for the Trap Machine:

Self Loading Trap Machine Manual


Our Co-Chairs can be reached at:

Adam Truesdale:


Bill Hirst:             

Trap Shooting Basics

Trap Shooting


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